Mini Promoflow

The Mucon Mini Promoflow is the ideal solution for assisting the discharge of product from hoppers, silos and IBCs.

The custom made internally mounted screens are specially designed to transmit vibration directly into the product preventing material 'Bridging', 'Rat-Holing' or Segregation during discharge.

The Problem

There are many reasons for powdered or granular materials not discharging from hoppers or silos. Material converging towards the outlet of a hopper builds up forces within itself, which can cause it to become self-supporting.

Particle size, particle shape, material bulk density, moisture content and hopper design are some of the factors which determine whether or not a product will bridge, rat-hole or segregate upon discharge.

The Solution

To overcome the problem of poor material flow, the installation of a Promoflow discharge system will promote the flow of any product which is normally capable of flow, but which needs occasional or frequent help to get started or to keep it moving.

How Does it Work?

Promoflow discharge systems induce vibration directly into stored product keeping it "alive" and thus reducing the strength of any bonding or locking of the particles which may result in a flow problem.

Robust vibrators mounted externally activate vibrating screens mounted on the inside of the silo walls, at the points where flow problems occur. The air powered vibrator is attached to the internal screen by a specially designed, sealed bolt assembly.

Rubber isolation mounts attach the Promoflow discharge system to the hopper, preventing leakage through the mounting holes. The whole unit is allowed to vibrate whilst imparting little or no vibration to the hopper itself.

  • Able to be installed to any existing hopper or silo
  • The Discharge Aid is directly located within a storage vessel where a flow problem exists
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low energy and air consumption
  • Well proven design with many satisfied users in a wide variety of applications
  • Imparts little vibration to the silo itself. This avoids compaction higher up the vessel normally associated with other types of products
  • Promoflow also avoids material fatigue factors often associated with other types of discharge aids
  • Quiet in operation

Transmits vibration directly into the product, Shakes the contents, not the bin

  • A wide variety of screen shapes and sizes to suit any shaped vessel
  • Screens can be produced in mild steel and stainless steel
  • Manual and Programmed control packages are offered
  • Pneumatically actuated, but can be controlled with an electric solenoid and an electric timer


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