K-Valves hand operated


  • All body parts are manufactured from 316 stainless steel as standard. All fixings and fastenings are also produced in 316 Stainless steel
  • 150mm and 200mm Iris valves have a white acetal Control Ring and Trigger for reduced wear
  • 250mm Iris valves have white acetal Clamp Rings, Handle and Trigger
  • White moulded diaphragms of Natural Rubber, EPDM and Silicone are all manufactured from FDA approved materials
  • Bolt mounted and Quick Release versions
  • Mounting flanges with quick release clamps allow the Series K to be welded to the client's equipment
  • Available with Tri-Clover compatible connection flanges, ideal for cleanroom wall mounting
    • Only the diaphragm comes into contact with the product
    • Iris valve cannot jam
    • Very easy to control the flow of powder and tablets
    • Able to handle material densities up to 1600 Kg / m³
    • Unique fasteners for rapid disassembly - No tools required
    • Easy to clean and maintain


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