Should an explosion occur, an explosion vent will rupture and protect the vessel by reducing the overpressure within it and releasing the explosion into the surrounding environment in a controlled manner. 
Industrial processes vary widely depending on the sector and the product. No two processes are identical. For this reason, REMBE® supplies explosion vents in a variety of different shapes, materials, temperature- and pressure resistances and many other specifications.

dvantages of using high-quality explosion vents

  • easy to install
  • no maintenance required
  • long service life
  • quick to replace after an explosion.

Explosion vents – the reliable and cost-effective solution for explosion protection.

Explosion vents from REMBE®:

Highest quality guaranteed – from standard versions to individual customized solutions

REMBE® offers you the optimum explosion vent for all applications and operating conditions.
Whether your application involves a sanitary process or extreme conditions, such as rapidly fluctuating, pressure cycling, low vacuum and overpressure or high operating temperatures, we can supply you the optimum REMBE® explosion vent for your requirements. You will receive a complete protection concept that is precisely adapted to your process.

All REMBE® explosion vents are certified in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and EN 14797. NFPA compliant.

Explosion vents

ODV explosion vent
ODV explosion vent
EDP explosion vent
EDP explosion vent
EGV Explosion Vent
EGV Explosion Vent