Our PFA immersion heaters consist of a stainless steel heating element encapsulated  with a MoldflonTM-PFA  tube using a unique process which minimizes air inclusion and improves thermal efficiency. The connecting harness consists of electrical cables which are wrapped together with a PTFE film and then shrouded in a PolytetraflonTM-PTFE outer shell which can be hermetically sealed to the tank using a suitable bulk-head fitting.  The combination of materials used  provide a thermally stable interconnecting system suitable for use in a wide range of applications and process temperatures.
The heater head  is machined from solid PolytetraflonTM-PTFE without any mechanical connections. The heater tubes and connecting harness are welded in place to ensure a fluid tight connection which can be fully immersed in the process fluid.
Because of the simple head design, numerous options for securing the immersion heater are available which allows each unit to be ideally positioned in the tank. For added protection and safety,  most immersion  heaters are available with the option of thermal overload protection.


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