ELEVENT® - The breather valve

The ELEVENT® pressure and vacuum relief valve provides optimum protection against overpressure and vacuum for vessels and tanks with low design pressures. It assures a constant and controlled level of pressure in the tank. ELEVENT® not only prevents fugitive emissions of gas, or other pollutants, but also prevents the development of explosive mixtures of substances and eliminates the potential danger of air entering the system. The standard operating ratio is up to 95 % of the minimum response pressure.

ELEVENT® is used in the oil and gas industries, food processing, the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors and power plant technology.

The optimized ”air cushion“ sealing principle provides a smooth valve stroke and an extremely reliable leak-tight seal. This prevents abrasion and valve chatter. The metal housing is made from deep-drawn stainless steel.

Your advantages

  • Overpressure and vacuum protection with compact dimensions for extremely low pressure ranges from ±2 mbarg.
  • Reliable leak-tight seal.
  • Pressure setting can be subsequently changed.
  • Suitable for applications with corrosive atmospheres due to corrosion-resistant E-CTFE and PFA coating.
  • Quick and easy to install and service.
  • Reduces nitrogen requirements to a minimum for inerted processes.
  • Ideal for applications with high product purity and quality assurance requirements.


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