• REMBE® graphite rupture discs offer you the familiar REMBE® quality and reliability – even in extremely corrosive media, low pressures and high temperatures.

    Like all REMBE® rupture discs, the graphite rupture discs are also manufactured in Germany. The maximum working pressure is 80 %* of the minimum burst pressure.

    REMBE® graphite rupture discs are applicable for highest temperatures by using a unique chemical vapour deposition method (PyC coating). The rupture discs are applicable from -180 °C up to +500 °C under oxidizing and reducing atmosphere, +1,500 °C under inert conditions.
    Versions with vacuum and back pressure support are also suitable for the above mentioned operating conditions.

    Depending on the application and nominal pipe size, the rupture discs are installed directly between flanges. If required, you will also receive a suitable signalling device which, in conjunction with your process control system, will inform you about the rupture disc's response. Nominal pipe size available from DN 15 (1/2'') to DN 600 (24'') with burst pressures from 20 mbarg (~0.3 psig) to 63 barg (~900 psig).

GRX® Graphite Rupture Disc

GRX® Graphite Rupture Disc
GRX® Graphite Rupture Disc